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A positive and relaxed environment, conducive to learning.

Welcome to Schoolstop.

Schoolstop is a boutique language school delivering highly personalised services to individuals and companies. Our less classic and more contemporary approach focuses on creating a fun and relaxed environment, removing the natural "self conscious barrier” we all have, which in turn leads to better results.

To ensure we deliver on that promise, we have developed five programmes which enable us to cater to the different needs and objectives of every student.

Our Programmes.

The programmes with the different 'dialogue balloons' symbolise the various streams that the school provides, such as SCHOOLSTOP KIDS, created for young children from the age of 5; SCHOOLSTOP LEISURE, dedicated to students (of any age or profession) who look to learn in an independent manner and who will be able to develop knowledge of a new language through this programme; SCHOOLSTOP ACADEMIC, school support for students from the age of 12, teenagers, university students at all levels; SCHOOLSTOP BUSINESS, aimed at the business world; and, SCHOOLSTOP ONLINE created to take our services to students whose geographical location does not allow them to be physically present at our facilities.

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